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Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon state; however, it is also home to landscapes from the cactus-filled Sonoran Desert to its ponderosa pine covered mountains. Arizona is a state of history and beauty.

What to do in Arizona

Canyon de Chelly

The Canyon de Chelly National Monument is a large park in the Navajo lands of Northeast Arizona. Its most famous site is 'Spider Rock spire' which is an 800 feet tall rock formation.


Winslow experienced worldwide recognition due to a single line from the Eagles song 'Take it Easy.' The historic route 66 also runs through downtown, and many of the old diners and shops are still open.  

Red Rock

Red Rock Crossing is home to one of Sedona's four vortexes, Cathedral Rock. At Red Rock Crossing, you will cross Oak River and hike along a trail until you see a large natural sandstone butte named Cathedral Rock.


The Petrified Forest National Park was once a river channel approximately 218 million years ago during the Triassic Period. Now, it is known for its fossilized tree logs. 


The Meteor Crater National Landmark is located minutes from Interstate 40 in the Arizona Desert. A meteorite was believed to have crashed here forty-nine thousand years ago.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most famous National Parks in the United States. You have three rims, the North, South, and West, to view the canyon. Out of the three rims, the North rim was my favorite (it is the one in the picture).


The Painted Desert spans across many parts of the Four Corners but is best visible at the Little Painted Desert County Park just off of Highway 87 at Winslow.


Airport Mesa is one of many great viewpoints in Sedona. Here, you are able to hike around a loop and see large panoramic views of the red rock formations Sedona is known for. It is approximately a 3.5-mile hike.

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Horseshoe Bend is a scenic horseshoe-shaped formation around the Colorado River. Horseshoe Bend is the most famous river bend in the world, as the Colorado River is the same river that carved the Grand Canyon.

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