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Costa Rica

From lush rainforests greeting the shores of the ocean to lush rainforests reaching into the clouds, there is no wonder why the unofficial slogan of Costa Rica is 'pura vida' or pure life. I had the opportunity to observe tremendous sites of natural beauty within this rich coast  (Spanish meaning of Costa Rica), and I would love to show you my journey, hoping to inspire you to consider visiting this outstanding country.

10 day itinerary in Costa Rica

Like any other itinerary on this website, the itinerary listed below is intended to serve as guidance for creating your own journey. This itinerary is a model of what I personally did. However, your choices and situations may differ from mine. Thus, this itinerary serves simply as an outline for your time in Costa Rica. You may choose to stay longer/shorter in some areas and even add others too. The possibilities are endless! For further information on each city/town listed below, click on its picture to learn about how to get there, what to do there, and other information.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.32.43 PM.png
Day 1: Quepos 
Day 2: Quepos
Day 3: Quepos
Day 4: San José
Day 5Monteverde
Day 6Monteverde
Day 7Monteverde
Day 8Monteverde
Day 9La Fortuna
Day 10La Fortuna 

Additional Information 

_Es mil veces más bella mi tierra con su

A gateway to paradise

High above the Forrest floor.jpg

A canopy in the clouds

San José is honestly one of the most bea

The spectacular capital of Costa Rica

🌋_•_•_•_#lafortuna #parquecentral #cost

A town overlooking an active volcano

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