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Granada, Nicaragua was founded in 1524 and is home to some of the nicest Spanish colonial-era architecture in all of Latin America. From its cathedrals dating back to 1583 to its neoclassical streets, Granada is sure to be not only a picturesque town but one full of unique Nicaraguan culture.

What to do in Granada


The neoclassical streets surrounding the Central Park of Granada are home to scenic views, amazing food, and great shopping. You can feel safe walking the streets in the historic district day or night.


Granada is home to cathedrals dating back to 1583. Many of the cathedrals in the heart of the historic district were sacked by pirates many times between 1665 and 1857.

Climb a

The best view of the plaza, mountain range, and surrounding lake is by climbing a church tower. There are many churches that allow you to pay a small fee to climb its tower and witness the beauty of Granada.


Masaya Volcano is Nicaragua's first and largest National Park. At Masaya Volcano, you are able to step on the outer crater of an active volcano. If possible, I recommend visiting the park at night to see the red glow of the lava. 


Apoyo Lagoon is a beautiful place, but nothing too special. This is a great place to get away and relax in the blue water. Also, it is home to many tropical faunae such as the Red-Lored Amazon Parrot in this picture.

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