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Monteverde is a small town located in the Cordillera de Tilarán mountain range. Monteverde is home to one of the only Cloud Forest Reserves in the world. Monteverde is home to views that people describe in their dreams and is truly one of the most incredibly beautiful places I have ever seen. You will honestly feel on top of the world here as you stand above clouds that pass through the forest floor.

What to do in Monteverde

Cloud Forest

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is without a doubt a must-see destination. You will see countless tropical fauna like toucans and monkeys as you are 1,700 meters high, experiencing what it feels like to hike above the clouds.


Monteverde is the best place to zip-line. You will go through not only a rainforest but clouds also. The prices are reasonable, but the views are priceless. I highly recommend this; you can thank me later.

Santa Elena

Have you ever just stared up at the clouds passing in the sky? Well, in downtown Santa Elena, you can stare down at them. When the sun sets, the clouds turn a bright pinkish-purple and you feel like you are walking on cotton candy.


The treehouse restaurant found in downtown Santa Elena may not have the best food in the world, but its ambiance is like no other. At this restaurant, you will experience what it feels like to eat on the branches of a tree.

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